p-ISSN: 1300-0551
e-ISSN: 2587-1498

Öztürk AĞIRBAŞ1, Eser AĞGÖN1, İzzet UÇAN2, Fatih KIYICI3

1Erzincan Üniversitesi Eğitim Fakültesi, Beden Eğitimi ve Spor Öğretmenliği Bölümü
2Bayburt Üniversitesi Rektörlüğü, Bayburt
3Atatürk Üniversitesi Beden Eğitimi ve Spor Yüksekokulu, Erzurum

Keywords: Wrestling, sauna, serum lipids, exercise


The aim of this study is to determine the effects of high intensity acute wrestling exercise and sauna treatment on serum lipids. Following Atatürk University Health Ethics Board permission (2011.4.1/16), the study was substantiated on 14 male volunteers without any known health problems, aged 23.4 ± 4.1 yrs and 172.9 ± 4.8 cm tall. Body mass and blood lipid parameters measurements were performed at rest, following wrestling exercise, and following sauna sessions next to two days of resting. Blood samples were analyzed via a COBAS analyzer. Nonparametric two related samples Wilcoxon test through the SPSS v15.0 for Windows statistics program was applied to the data that did not display normal distribution. Following wrestling exercises, statistically significant decreases occurred in body mass and LDL-cholesterol levels, while significant increases were observed in total- and HDL-cholesterol levels. Following sauna sessions, while statistically significant decreases were determined in body mass, significant increases occurred in total- and LDL-cholesterol levels. No significant differences were observed in serum triglyceride levels following each instances. Acute effects of high-intensity wrestling exercise and sauna on serum lipids were found to be similar, except for LDL-cholesterol.