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Research Article

The Effect of asymptomatic versus mild symptomatic COVID-19 infection on male athletic performance: A cross-sectional clinical research

Özlem Karasimav, Nilüfer Kutay Ordu Gökkaya, Ebru Alemdaroğlu, Burkay Utku, Nilgün Ergün

Effect of eight-week controlled dietary modification trial on nutritional biomarkers in young Indian athletes

Monalisa Debnath, Surojit Sarkar, Moumita Das, Swapan Kumar Dey, Gouriprosad Datta, Amit Bandyopadhyay

Recreational male athletes’ single leg forward hop and crossover triple hop test kinetics, kinematics, peak frequency and magnitude alterations

Ömer Faruk İlicepınar, Mehmet İmir, Berat Can Cengiz, Senih Gürses, Yiğitcan Menderes,Egemen Turhan, Gürhan Dönmez, Feza Korkusuz

Demographic and epidemiologic trends in sports medicine outpatient clinic visits: Tale of an expert

Özlem Karasimav

Case Report