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Research Article

Analysis of Physical and Physiological Requirements of Indian Male Junior Kabaddi Players in Relation to their Playing Positions

Jyotsna Aggarwala, Meenu Dhingra, Vaishali Bhatia, Usra Hasan, Subhra Chatterjee

Investigation of Gender Differences Related to Knee Strength Asymmetry

Celil Kaçoğlu

The Effects of Corrective Exercises on Functional Movement Screen Tests of Elite Female Volleyball Players

Zait Burak Aktuğ, Hasan Aka, Cengiz Akarçeşme, Mehmet Mesut Çelebi, Emre Altundağ

The Relationship Between the Performance and Brain Oxygenation During Acute Supramaximal Exercise

Çağdaş Güdücü, Cem Şeref Bediz

Injury Epidemiyology in Elite Taekwondo Athletes: Retrospective Cross Sectional Study Including Three International Championships

Mehmet Mesut Çelebi, İbrahim Dündar, Ali Murat Zergeroğlu

Validity and Reliability of the Adolescent Sedentary Activity Questionnaire (ASAQ) in Adolescents Aged Between 11 and 14

Ayda Karaca, Necip Demirci

DOI: 10.5152/tjsm.2019.140   ·   Page: 255-266   ·   375   ·   227

Reliability of Performance Outputs and Formulas Related with Fatigue Index in 10 x 20 m Repeated Sprint Test

Tahir Hazır, Ayşe Kin İşler, Mehmet Kadıoğlu, Evrim Ünver

Review Article

The Effect of Physical Exercise on Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) in Elderly: a Systematic Review of Experimental Studies

Yakup Zühtü Birinci, Şenay Şahin, Şerife Vatansever, Serkan Pancar