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Science is the only true guide for life

Bülent Ülkar

DOI: 10.47447/tjsm.2023.0001   ·   Page: 001-001   ·   93   ·   58

Research Article

Comparison of dynamic balance among football, futsal, and beach soccer players

Yavuz Lima

The association between ankle mobility and Achilles tendon, plantar fascia, iliotibial band stiffness and elasticity in athletes

Serkan Usgu, Seda Biçici Uluşahin, Tuğba Gönen

Comparison of the effects of general warm-up and FIFA 11+ warm-up programs on Functional Movement Screen test scores and athletic performance

Umut Gök, Hasan Aka, Zait Burak Aktuğ, Serkan Ibiş

The effects of handball and waterpolo training on blood nitric oxide and oxidative stress levels

Nadia Shafiei, Faruk Turgay, Nevzad Denerel

The Relationship of Burnout with Perceived Expressed Emotion, Anxiety, and Depression Levels in Professional Adolescent Volleyball Players

Hasan Ali Güler, İsmail Kaya

Is quality of movement a factor that affects reaching the professional level in elite young football players?

Engin Dinç, Serdar Arslan, Muhammed Zeki Gültekin

The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the mental status of health workers at sports clubs

Nevzad Denerel, Onur Yüksel Öçal

Case Report

Titanium elastic nail treatment for a humeral shaft fracture of an adolescent arm wrestler: A case report and literature review

Yavuz Şahbat, İsmail Murad Pepe

Review Article

Alternative protein sources in sustainable sports nutrition

Hüseyin Hüsrev Turnagöl, Selin Aktitiz, Şule İrem Baltürk, İrem Yakışıklı, Zülfüye Erbaş