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Research Article

The ambulatory blood pressure and heart rate variability responses following sudden vigorous physical exertion among firefighters with hypertension

Burak Cilhoroz, Amanda Zaleski, Beth Taylor, Bo Fernhall, Ming-Hui Chen, Paul Thompson, and Linda Pescatello

Evaluating the attitudes of individuals with a history of cancer towards exercise using the transtheoretical model

Sabriye Ercan, Ahsen Oğul, Esma Arslan, Murat Koçer, Ferdi Başkurt, Cem Çetin

Comparison of the effects of B-Fit™ exercises on body composition by age in women

Ali Günay, Hatice İlhan Odabaş, Benil Kıstak Altan, Gülçin Usta

The relationship between quadriceps and hamstring isokinetic peak muscle strength and ball velocity in young soccer players

Hasan Aka, Gamze Çobanoğlu, Şeyda Özal, Cengiz Akarçeşme, Nevin Atalay Güzel

The effectiveness of taekwondo-specific single and multiple frequency speed of kick tests in distinguishing the experienced and novice taekwondo players

Süleyman Ulupınar, Serhat Özbay, Cebrail Gençoğlu

Physical activity level and musculoskeletal pain in physician mothers after childbirth

Merve Demir Benli

Development, validity and reliability of the Sports Injury Prevention Awareness Scale

Sabriye Ercan, Özgür Önal

Review Article

Sports related concussion

Ahmet Tolgay Akıncı, Yener Aktürk, Enver Arslan, Ecem Büşra Değer, Selma Arzu Vardar