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Research Article

Association of physical activity level with body composition in 12-14 years old children: A pilot study

Yasemin Güzel, Muhammed Mustafa Atakan, Hüseyin Hüsrev Turnagöl, Şükran Nazan Koşar

Is femoral cartilage thickness associated with rectus femoris thickness and thigh muscle strength in adolescent female basketball players?

Şerife Şeyma Torgutalp, Naila Babayeva, Gürhan Dönmez, Ömer Özkan, Levend Karaçoban, Levent Özçakar

Relationship among functional mobility, physical activity and aerobic fitness in athletes with visual impairment

Ferhat Esatbeyoğlu, Ayşe Kin İşler

Acute effect of different respiratory muscle exercises on maximal oxygen consumption and lung functions

Zait Burak Aktuğ, Gönül Yavuz, Necdet Eray Pişkin, Hasan Aka, Serkan İbiş

Comparison of hip abductor strength in pre-professional ballet dancers with and without snapping hip

Şefika Kızıltoprak, Şensu Dinçer

Development of the knowledge of exercise during pregnancy scale

Sabriye Ercan, Aydan Örsçelik, Ahsen Oğul, Cem Çetin