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Yavuz Lima

Sports Medicine Section, Atatürk City Hospital, Balıkesir, Türkiye

Keywords: Proprioception, equilibrium, sand, firm surface, athlete


Objective: Although football, futsal, and beach soccer have relatively different physiological requirements and playing on different surfaces is likely to impact dynamic balance at different levels, there is no study evaluating the dynamic balance of football, futsal, and beach soccer players. The objective of the present study is to evaluate the dynamic balance of football, futsal, and beach soccer players.

Material and Methods: A total of 114 amateur male players registered with the Turkish Football Federation participated in the study. They were divided into three sub-groups according to their sports disciplines: football (n=41), futsal (n=39), and beach football (n=34). The modified star excursion balance test with four outcomes for each extremity as anterior (A), posterior lateral (PL), posterior medial (PM), and composite (C) score was used to measure dynamic balance.

Results: Dominant side PL and C scores (p<0.01, ES=0.10; p<0.01, ES=0.11; respectively), and non-dominant side A, PL and C scores of beach soccer players were significantly higher comparing to futsal players (p=0.01, ES=0.07; p<0.01, ES=0.08; p<0.01, ES=0.08; respectively). Also, dominant side C scores of beach soccer players were significantly higher than football players (p<0.02, ES=0.11).

Conclusion: Findings demonstrate that the dynamic balance profile of beach soccer players was better compared with futsal players. In light of present study results, it may be beneficial for players from different sports disciplines to train on sand in order to improve dynamic balance.

Cite this article as: Lima Y. Comparison of dynamic balance among football, futsal, and beach soccer players. Turk J Sports Med. 2022 Oct 27th; https://doi.org/10.47447/tjsm.0693

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Approval for this study was obtained from the Institutional Ethics Committee of Selçuk University Sport Science Faculty, Konya, Türkiye (Decision No: 46 Date: 25.03.2022).

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