p-ISSN: 1300-0551
e-ISSN: 2587-1498

Sema Can

Faculty of Sport Sciences, Hitit University, Çorum, Turkey

Keywords: Number of step, health, sedentary behavior, walking


Long-term sedentary or inactive lifestyle is one of the risk factors that negatively affect a healthy and quality life. In public health campaigns around the world, physical activity (PA) proposals are being made to prevent the sedentary lifestyle. Among public health campaigns around the world, physical activity (PA) proposals; primarily "walking" is the leading one. The walking can be accomplished easily in daily life, without any cost, material or equipment. Adults are advised to reach 10000 steps per day but reaching 10000 steps in a single activity duration is unapproachable. Therefore, accordance with the recommendations of the PA guidelines, a moderate activity plan can be applied, for example, 100 steps per minute or 3000-3500 steps in 30 minutes (1000 steps x 3 in 10 minutes). The goal of 100 steps per minute is important for moderate activity, but it may not be a realistic goal for sedentary or elderly individuals, or individuals with disabilities, and chronic diseases. In this regard, while making recommendations about the number of steps, the general approach is acting with the idea of "better than nothing" or "better than ever" and putting reachable goals for individuals is necessary. This review is designed to give detailed information on sedentary behavior, the number of steps, and health.

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