p-ISSN: 1300-0551
e-ISSN: 2587-1498

Stanislav PALİJA1, Siniša BİJELJAC1, Slavko MANOJLOVİĆ1, Nenad PONORAC2, Željko JOVİČİĆ1, Petar CVİJİĆ1, Bojan KUZMANOVİĆ1

1Institute for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation "Dr Miroslav Zotovic", Orthopaedic Dept, Banja Luka, BiH
2Department of Physiology, Medical Faculty, University of Banja Luka, BiH

Keywords: Anterior cruciate ligament, arthroscopy, Tegner score, Lysholm score, exercise


The aim of the study is to follow up operatively treated active athletes after arthroscopic reconstruction of their ACL, and their return to pre-injury sport activities. The analysis included 78 athletes (66 men and 12 women; 45 active and 33 recreational). Of the patients, 18 were treated with the non-anatomic single-bundle technique, 57 with the anatomic single-bundle technique, and three with the double-bundle technique. Clinical examination and functional testing parameters were analyzed and compared, before and 12 months following the surgery. Mean Lysholm scores were 57.3 preoperative, and 92.6 postoperative (range 43-100). Mean Tegner activity level was 2.43 preoperative, and 7.89 postoperative (range 1-10). Arthrometric measurements of the patients yielded an average of 8.45 mm of anterior shift of the tibia in relation to the femur before the operation, and an average of 2.18 mm upon reconstruction. While 64 patients returned to sport activities to the pre-injury extent, 14 did not.