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Yavuz Şahbat1, İsmail Murad Pepe2

1Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Maresal Cakmak State Hospital, Erzurum, Turkey
2Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Antalya Bilim University, Faculty of Health Science, Antalya, Turkey


Arm wrestling is a sport where two people take opposing positions at a table and put their elbows on the table with their palms together, the aim being to make the opponent’s hand touch the table. Arm wrestling, which seems harmless, may become a show of strength for adolescents and young adults. Muscle and tendon injuries and bone fractures may occur due to arm wrestling. Fractures of the humeral shaft and distal third region can also occur due to arm wrestling. Here, we present the contribution of closed reduction and titanium intramedullary nail treatment to early return to school for a 14-year-old male patient with an AO 12.A1 fracture of the humeral shaft that occurred during arm wrestling. Our treatment reduced the duration of immobilization, provided complete union at the fracture site along with full range of motion of shoulder and elbow joints at 3 months after the injury.

Cite this article as: Sahbat Y, Pepe IM. Titanium elastic nail treatment for a humeral shaft fracture of an adolescent arm wrestler: A case report and literature review. Turk J Sports Med. 2023 58(1):42-6; https://doi.org/10.47447/tjsm.0715

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Concept: YŞ; Design: YŞ, İMP; Supervision: İMP; Materials: İMP; Data Collection and/or Processing: İMP; Analysis and Interpretation: YŞ, İMP; Literature Review: YŞ; Writing Manuscript: YŞ, İMP; Critical Reviews: YŞ, İMP

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