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Kastamonu Fizik Tedavi ve Rehabilitasyon Merkezi, Kastamonu

Keywords: Obesity, exercise, diet, sports medicine


Obesity is a major health problem preparing the ground for many chronic diseases. The incidence is rapidly increasing in the world and in Turkey. The two most important causes of obesity are excess calories consumption and sedentary lifestyle. In the prevention and treatment of obesity; diet, exercise, behavioral changes, drugs, surgery, and combinations of these treatment options are used. Exercising only is not an effective method for treating obesity. At the present time, the best accepted method is to apply a combination of diet and exercise. All of the obesity treatment methods aim to create a negative energy balance. Therefore, a person's daily calorie consumption should be calculated and negative caloric balance should be established. The negative balance should be between 500-800 kilocalories (kcal) per day, of which 300-600 kcal through diet restriction, and 200-400 kcal through exercise. Ideal weight loss should be 2-4 kg per month, as fats. Exercise should consist of people's favorite aerobic activities, including major muscle groups, for at least five days a week. Weight lifting exercises once a week is important to maintain muscle mass. Consequently, a lifestyle modification should be made.